Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall/Winter In The Hokkaido Mountains

Yesterday, November 7th, I had a car to drive down to Furano to my manager for the next 4 months. I had some time so I took the scenic way and wasn't disappointed. Here are a few of the 40+ pictures that I took. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words so I'll let them speak for themselves. If you would like to see all 40, click on either the link given or go to my Flickr page, and click on the folder, "Hokkaido Seasonal Pictures" to view the pic's (and others) that way.

By the way, today was a wet and cold day down here in Asahikawa which means more white stuff in the mountains. Winter is approaching VERY quickly now and I, Toby, am very excited for the snows to show up. Maiko doesn't feel quite the same as I do about this season and this one will be a challenging one for both of us as we are living apart, but especially for Maiko as she is living in Esashi-cho which is off the NE corner of Hokkaido where it's not only cold, but bone-numbing windy to boot. Fortunately, she'll have a long Winter break to come down to Niseko and ski with me. And then in April, we will reunite back up here in Asahikawa.

The seasons are beautiful in Hokkaido and we both (oops....Bomber just nudged me to say not to forget about him) are looking forward to your visit at ANY time and during any season.

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