Friday, November 16, 2007

Snow Falling in Asahikawa


I went for a walk in Asahikawa this afternoon. In Downtown Asahikawa, there is a nice little park called Tokiwa Koen. The snow started to fall heavily as I walked through it so I stopped and took this little video. Enjoy, ne. It's so serene for being right in the middle of a city of 1/2 million people, eh? The only sounds you hear are the snow falling, the ducks in the water and a fairly noisy (not stupid - see comments) crow in the backround. :)


Lara said...

So pretty, like an impressionist painting by Monet. The crow is awesome, too.

Perry said...

Kirei! Crows are noisy, true, but among the smartest creatures on the planet.

MaikoToby said...

true true....both Lara & Perry, my funster friends. they are smart and very trixy (as Gollum would say). i admire the ravens and how the native american's have held them in high esteem. the standard crow is a creature that i have not been keen with in my lifetime. on this particular day, i didn't hear him while i enjoyed this serene moment, but he trixed me and showed up anyway. hence the "stupid" comment which i would like to retract because you guys are absolutely correct. :)