Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Short & Sweet (many & high, as well)

Long overdue, but it will still be short. Well short in that we have lots to update, but will only give a very abbreviated version here on the blog.

With that said, on May 8th, Toby logged his 100th (he'd later establish that day 8 was counted twice so it was actually his 101st) ski day of the 2007/2008 ski season. A feat that is the goal of many ski bums and probably the only time in Toby's life that he'll have the chance to do it. This picture to the right is from that final day. It was a great season with many outstanding memories and long lasting friendships made. He will never forget it, but fortunately has many pictures and videos just in case.

Shortly before, Maiko came down to Niseko and helped Toby pack up his things and move out of Little Oz (Australia) which is what the ski resort of Niseko is becoming to be called because of its very high population of Aussie's during the ski season. While Maiko was down there (and ever since), Toby & Maiko have been researching and designing for the future of their house (and, hopefully, cafe) in Higashikawa. More on that later, but here's a picture of Maiko standing in front of a door we both liked.

Then, the three of us were united again for a few weeks. Maiko worked days, Toby unpacked and hung out most days (but did cook dinner and breakfast every day) with Bomber. See Bomber "hanging out" below.....

Then, Toby decided that since he had all this free time that he wasn't going to get again for a long, long time, he decided to go on a little trip. He did some research and settled on a trip back to Nepal to do the beautiful, but also cost-effective, trek around The Annapurna Circuit. He found a great air ticket that left from Asahikawa (30 minutes away - 10 minutes from our future home/property) and went to Bangkok via Seoul, Korea. After a two day layover in Bangkok and visiting a few friends there, he was off to Kathmandu where he spent one day and then jumped into the mountains. It was then a 15 day trek as he travelled 220 kilometers (140 miles) around the massive mountain range and reached an altitude of 17,800 feet (5,416 meters) at the Thorong La Pass in the middle. Toby was in his element and made some great international friends there, as well. To the left is a picture from his guest house in Ngawal (3,700 meters - almost the same Height as Mt. Fuji) where he had breakfast on the patio with Annapurna III in the background (7,555 meters).

It was a great trip and Toby is working on a couple relatively short (he is having trouble shortening them up because he has so many great pictures and short videos) video memoirs. Below is Part I and his first jab at a 10 minute summary of the first 3/4 of the trek. On the last 1/4 of the trek, he took a lot more video and a many more pictures as he realized he had a lot of space on his memory cards left. That is why Part II will probably be another 10 minute memoir when it is completed. Anyway, until then (the next post), please enjoy Part I below. Feel free to push pause if you need to slow anything down.


On June 6th, Toby happily returned to his family, Maiko & Bomber, in Asahikawa with many memories and omiyage's (presents and souvenirs). The last picture we will post is one of Maiko & Toby having a catnap. Bomber had just woken up when he heard Toby get the camera, but he is giving a very cute pose for the camera just the same. Maiko is wearing her new t-shirt that Toby picked out for her in Bangkok. Of course, that was only one of the many omiyage that she received from him. :)

We hope this finds you all happy, healthy and genki (equals both of the former in one Japanese word)! As summer approaches quickly, enjoy the long days and everything that it brings whether it be picnics, bbq's, long walks/hikes/strolls or just chill time at the beach or mountains. Whatever you are doing, have fun. Life is too fragile and too short. Get outside and enjoy it.


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