Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dream Team

In 20 minutes, Maiko and Toby will be departing for the airport and then a 2 & 3 week (2 weeks for Maiko, 3 weeks for Toby) trip to Seattle. Bomber will watch over things back in Asahikawa while mom & dad go off an play.

Above is a picture taken yesterday. It is "The Dream Team" and consists of, right to left, Sugiyama-san (architect and straw/plaster guru from Nagano-ken), Maiko, Sakai-san (very skilled and respected log builder and architect), Toby & Stefan-san (straw/plaster and building genius).

We spent the morning discussing the red tape we need to cut, the brick walls we need to climb over and the hoops we need to jump through. Sugiyama-san, Maiko & I also visited with the local town hall folk on Saturday and discussed other tape/walls/hoops.

After the weekend was over and Sugiyama-san was on his way back to Nagano-ken, we were exhausted, but filled with a fresh dose of confidence that we can ("dekiru") create this dream house of ours. It's going to be a challenge as we are doing something against the grain and that is not often done in Japan where it is known for the phrase, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered in". We are moving slowly and doing things correctly so far. Let's hope our luck continues and we make much more "forward progress" in the next month.

Now, we are off for a vacation. We look forward to seeing friends and family. Toby is very much looking forward to seeing old friends from 20 years ago at his high school reunion. The family is growing up, as well. This will be a great trip.

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