Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going Back.....

What better "title" to use after "Forward Progress" than "Going Back...."?!?

Maiko and I are now counting the days before a trip BACK to Seattle to visit family, friends and catch up with Toby's classmates from 20 years ago at his high school reunion. We've been gone long enough and it's time to make a trip back. Timing is both good and bad. Good in that it will be summer vacation here and summer vacation back home so scheduling good quality time with the family should be relatively easy to do. The weather in Seattle and The Northwest is usually very good and much cooler than here in Japan during that time. It will be blackberry season (yeah!!) and we'll also be able to see a Mariner's game or two even though they are not playing very well (except Ichiro, of course). Geez, it sounds all good, right? Well, the bad is the price we had to pay for the good. With the oil crunch of late and choice of travel time during "peak season", we are paying more than twice what we've ever paid for a round trip ticket to Seattle. However, we've both agreed that going forward, our time spent with friends back in The States will be about quality, not quantity. Therefore, sometimes you need to pay more for quality, right? We are prepared to do that and will be definitely doing that this trip. Oh...and all the good Mexican food and good microbeers will make it worth it, as well.

As for progress on the house, we have some decisions to make with regards to the make-up of how all the "leaders" mentioned in the "forward progress" are going to work together. We are discussing this now and will be making some big decisions soon. I'm sure by our next post, we'll have more to tell on this topic. We've also been visiting a few other cafe's in the area to get both new ideas and confirm the ideas/thoughts we already have. That (going to cafe's) is the most fun part of this "planning" stage......

We've also been able to fit in a few other things like hikes, onsen (hot spring) soaks and a few other fun things. The above picture is from a hike we did last Saturday to Sandanyama. It was a steep, but fun hike with a very nice view of Tokachidake & Furanodake from the top. After a quad burning descent, we soaked in Fukiage Onsen before a healthy combination of ice cream, yakitori and draft beers. Yes, even though it's hot and humid, we find ways to find enjoyment. That's what life is all about, right?

Bomber is also very "genki" (happy/healthy in Japanese). During this hot season, it's interesting to watch how he adjusts. It's his first summer in Hokkaido and he avoids carpet and couches while seeking shade, cool floors and the nice, cool metal cover of the heater in the living room. He also spends a lot of time near the windows when we have them open so he can get a nice, cool breeze. And, lately, he likes drink the water out of human's glasses, especially if they have ice cubes in there. What a goofy cat, eh?

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