Thursday, October 30, 2008

7 Years!! A Lucky Number!!

7 years ago on Halloween Day (October 31, 2001), Maiko & Toby met at The Seattle Mariners Team Store inside Safeco Field (the baseball stadium where The Seattle Meriners play). 7 years ago, their lives changed. 7 years go, their worlds changed. 7 years later, they are together and (literally) building many more 7 year plans together with their upcoming house build. The above picture was taken after their wedding on Orcas Island. Toby is looking forward to carrying Maiko again after they complete the build of their house and start to live in it. Hopefully, this will be next November (2009). Keep your fingers crossed and if you interested in coming and helping with the wall builds, contact Toby for workshop dates that are being put together for August and September of next year. It'll be not only a great learning experience, but a lot of fun, as well. :)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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The Riley's said...

Sweet story and congrats my young friend.