Monday, October 13, 2008

a few quick updates and pictures

Today, Tuesday The 14th of October, is a beautiful day in Hokkaido. We are CLOSE to securing storage for 70 of the big round rice straw bales (like the ones you see above and and you can see being made by the picture on the left. 70 of these bails should provide us with about 800 block bales that we will re-bale next Spring before we put up the walls. We went and viewed the block bailer and a few sample bales and found that they are of good quality and should work well for our project. Once we secure storage and get the round bales safe and dry for the next 7-8 months, we'll move full speed ahead on all the other planning for the house/cafe build that needs to happen. And....this blog will get very busy with updates. :) (smile)

On a personal note, we are doing well. We went on a hike yesterday with our new friend, Charlie, who had commented on one of the recent posts. It is truly a small world and we are excited to have some new friends on the island that have similar interests (Tom Petty, Eco Friendly Building, Passion for Nature, etc....). Here is a picture of Maiko and I on the hike yesterday. It was a nice hike and a great day for it. From here on out, it's going to get colder and colder.

And, lastly, Bomber hasn't gotten much love on the blog lately even though his name is listed first in the name. Charlie said something funny yesterday as he thought the blog was spoken from the voice of Bomber. A good idea and a funny thought. Maybe we'll change it and have it sound even more from his point of view. Until then, we'll just continue to write it in the 3rd person from all of us. We'll end this post with Bomber on his new tower that we bought for his 4th birthday. He loves it and plays on all levels of it and has only torn up the mouse once so far.

Namaste~ (& Meow)

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Charles Hamel said...

Congrats on securing storage for your straw. Went to 2nd street to try and find some snowboard boots today, but had no luck. Need you to go with me sometime when you get the time and help me find some.

I have no idea what to get......

Take care my friend