Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Full Speed Ahead!!!

1) We have secured 80 plus of these big, round (rice)straw bales that you can see in the picture (see man in background as a measure of how huge these are).

2) We have secured storage for these bales for the Winter, Spring and beginning of Summer (until our roof gets put up in July and we can move the bales to the property).

3) We are going to pay for the bales and storage today! Yes, money has now been put down so it is no longer a "Dream" as we ARE going to do this!!

4) We met with our architect/builder, Mr. Sakai, last Saturday and are moving forward on final design drafts of the house/cafe which will hopefully be done the middle of November.

5) The plan is to break ground when the snow melts and to have the foundation, post and beams and roof up by the end of July.

6) The month of August will then be focused on getting the walls up and plaster on the outside walls (if any of you are thinking of coming to help, this is the month your help will be most needed). We will start to move forward on setting up some straw bale workshops, as well as plaster workshops to make sure we get this accomplished.

7) The months of September and October will be focused on finishing up the interior of the house to make it livable by the middle of November.

So, yes, in a little over a year from now, we hope to have the house liveable. We have lots to do, but we will do it. The basic "to do list" right now is:

1) Pay for the straw.
2) Create some final designs for the house/cafe.
3) Set up workshops and communicate to people who have expressed an interest in helping out.
4) Put together a detailed timeline for the different stages of the house build.
5) Communicate with Sakai-san & Stefan-san on what is needed for the different stages.
6) Figure out finance situation.
7) Build it!!

Exciting times!!

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