Saturday, November 22, 2008


Winter has arrived again (Toby is saying "Woo-hoo!", Maiko is saying, "Boo-hoo" and Bomber is too busy getting his new winter wardrobe put together).

Not too much to report at this time.

The House/Cafe: Our Builder, Sakai-san, is going to indeed help us with the foundation, post and beam support system and roof for us. He has also promised us that these three steps will be completed by the end of July so we can have our workshops in August (strawbale wall raising and outside plastering) and September (inside plastering). So mark your calendars now. A more detailed schedule will be coming soon, but if you want to help, August is the month and the beginning of August will be the busiest!! In other words, that's when we'll need the most help!!

Daily Life: We are adjusting to the cold (see Maiko and Bomber cuddling close to the stove above). After a few cold nights and battles of the too small a blankets comforter, we went to Homac (the Home Depot of Japan - if you can call it that) and splurged on some warm fuzzy sheets, a big warm and fuzzy blanket and a new, nice and big, comforter. Staying warm while sleeping is not a problem now. However, Toby came down with the flu two days after the purchase and was put out of commission for a few days. He's getting better now with only a lingering cough that will hopefully be gone soon and he can get back out in the mountains. By the way, he's been out 3 times already this season (Asahidake for ski day 1, Sandanyama Full Moon Ski for day 2 and then Kurodake Climb/Ski for day 3). Below is a picture from day 3 on his way up Kurodake (Kurodake is behind).

Going Forward: Maiko and Toby will be meeting with Sakai-san to get some final design plans down on paper in the next couple weeks. In January, we'll have a better idea of the schedule and costs. Between now and then, it's time!!

More to come soon, but we wanted to do a post something since we hadn't in a few weeks.


p.s. A big congratulations to The USA for electing Obama into The White House!! It's a Big Ol' Change for the better!!! Yes, we can! Yes, we caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

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