Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three Pictures (value = 3,000 words)

Maiko & Toby after skiing on Sunday, November 30th. It was Maiko's 1st day of the season so she worked on getting her ski legs by practicing her turns on the courses at Kurodake Ski Area. Toby was on ski day #6 so he blazed a skin (what you put on the bottom of skis so you can climb with them) trail to the top of the mountain and then skied down over a foot (30cm+) of fresh powder. It was a blizzard up there and that is why Toby has snow stuck on his beard.
Maiko & Bomber taking a catnap on the same day (November 30, 2008) after putting up Christmas decorations (small house = small tree).
Toby and Bomber discussing the house/cafe build while reading "House Thinking" on December 5, 2008. Okay, okay...maybe Toby is doing some "House Dreaming" at the time this picture was taken.

We hope this finds you all well. It's snowing hard here and a White Christmas is not really an optional item in these parts!! We wish you and yours a happy holiday and a happy new year!!

-Bomber, Maiko & Toby


The Riley's said...

Thank you Maiko and Toby we the Riley's wish you a very happy and merry Holiday Christmas season. Some dont mind traveling for snow.

Norman D. said...

Hi Toby
You wrote:
Maiko & Toby after skiing on Sunday, December 30th.

I think you mean November 30th, don't you?

Hope to meet you in person soon.

Norman Delaney

b.m.t. said...

Thanks "Snowman"!! I've made the edit. :)

Yeah, looking forward to meeting you, as well. I, too, have browsed your blog so I know of you. See you soon!


LHC said...

Ahhh.....that Hokkaido snow... Don't tell the other Utahns, but I think Japan has one up on us. =] Happy Holidays!