Monday, May 25, 2009

"Speed Up"

As many of you know, the house that we are building this summer will be a hyrid house with log posts (from a Japanese Cedar 杉 farm in Yamagata Prefecture), recycled beams (some beams are over 100 years old) and then (rice) straw bale walls with earth plaster covering these walls. Things are started to speed up and on Sunday, May 24th, Toby went to Fukagawa-shi (Sakai's office) to see and work on his logs (which arrived from Yamagata-ken last week).

Below is a picture OUR 36 logs (21 long, 15 short) lined up, ready to be stripped over their bark layer and then their second skin (by pressure washing).
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Above is a picture of a log after Toby stripped off one piece of bark.
(Above) A few logs freshly stripped of all their bark.
In the next two pictures (above and below), you can see Mr. Takigami pressure washing off the second skin of the logs. When this is done, the log becomes very smooth and is then protected from bugs making new homes inside the logs.
So smooth! So beautiful!!

And below is a pile of BIG rocks that Takagami said we can have our pick of if we are able to haul any of the rocks away. Mr. Takagami's house is in the background (through the brush) and it is his pride and joy as he has been building it himself for the last 10 years. He is, for the most part, finished, but still has a few little projects to do (outdoor bath, etc). We are looking forward to having Mr. Takagami's skills and experience on our project, as well as his lovely wife's artistic abilities. In fact, we have a feeling that we've not only just made another great contact with The Takigami's, but we believe this lovely family of 4 will become very good friends as we continue down this adventure of life.

In the next post, you can expect more detailed information on the "other" workshops in August, September and October, as well as updates on some of the challenges, experiences and, as my Dad would say, "characater builders". Stay tuned.


Rodan said...

Oh how beautiful
these are awesome logs. Think of
the stories they will uphold.

Haiku for timber.
from Ronna

b.m.t. said...

domo arigato. how true!!

b.m.t. said...

....and appropriate!!