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ストローベイル ワークショップの日程が変わりました!

ストローベイル ワークショップの日程が変わりました! Straw Bale Workshop (Dates) Changed!! (scroll down for English version of this post)


・ 午前11時から11時半までにお越しください。
・ お弁当などの昼食,または着いてすぐに食べられるものを準備してきてください。
・ お昼の12時ちょうどに開始し,30分から45分間のデモンストレーションや説明を行います。

8月8日(土) 午前8時スタート,午後6時終了
・ 30分の説明とデモンストレーション(主に前日に来られなかった人のためのもの)
・ ポットラックランチ
・ 何度か休憩をします(水分補給と休みのため)

8月9日(日) 午前9時スタート,午後5時終了
・ ポットラックランチ
・ 水分補給休憩を何度かとります
・ 最後に,翌日のワークショップに参加できない人のためのディスカッションタイムを設けます

8月10日(月) 午前8時スタート,お昼の12時ごろ終了
・ 作業が終わったときにポットラックランチとディスカッションを行います。ワークショップを振り返り,今後の予定や土壁のワークショップについて皆さんと話すつもりです。




トビー ウェイミラー(マイコとバマーもいます)

Straw Bale Workshop (Dates) Changed!!

The original date of the straw bale workshop WAS August 1st, 2nd & 3rd. We’ve changed the dates because of a few delays in getting paperwork submitted and approved. Working with unique and ECO friendly materials has been and will be very rewarding, but it is taking a little longer than we anticipated. We apologize for the inconvenience. Once the paperwork is approved (any day now), we will be working to get caught up, but we would rather be safe than sorry as it would be a real bummer to not be ready to put up the walls for a workshop. Again, we apologize for changing the dates and all the planning you have surely made. We hope you can still join us the following weekend and to any of the other workshops (exterior or interior plaster workshops) that we will be posting information about very soon.

New straw bale workshop dates:

Friday, August 7th: Start time: 12:00pm (Noon). Finish time at 6:00pm.
* Please arrive between 11:00 ~ 11:30am.
* Please bring lunch/bento or eat prior to arrival.
* We will be starting promptly at 12:00 with a 30-45 minute introduction and demonstration.

Saturday, August 8th: Start (promptly) at 8:00am. Finish at 6:00pm.
• 30 minute introduction/demonstration (mainly for those who couldn’t come the day before).
• Potluck lunch
• Many other breaks throughout the day to rest & drink beverages (coffee, sports drinks, water, etc).

Sunday, August 9th: Start (promptly) at 9:00am. Finish at 5:00pm.
• Potluck lunch
• Many other breaks throughout the day to rest & drink beverages (coffee, sports drinks, water, etc).
• Discussion time at the end (with beverages) for those who cannot come back on Monday.

Monday, August 10th: Start (promptly) at 8:00am. Finish ABOUT Noon/12:00pm.
* Potluck lunch with discussion when finished. We will discuss how the workshop went, what the next steps are, upcoming plaster workshops and more.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to come to all 4 days of the workshop or just one or two days. As stated before, we are looking for 12-15 participants/day in order to have the best balanced workshop that is both educational and effectively run. Please send an email to with the dates you plan to attend and let me/us know if you need any assistance with lodging.

Thank you and, again, we apologize for the inconvenience of having to change the dates of the workshop.

See you soon,

Toby (Maiko & Bomber) Weymiller

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