Wednesday, June 10, 2009

バマーは だれ?

バマーはだれ?こちらはバマーです。先日,ある人に「バマーはだれですか?」と聞かれました。そうです,バマーは,私達のかわいいベイビーですが,最近あまりブログに登場させてあげませんでした。これは今朝撮った写真です。外を見るのと鳥達に話しかけるのが大好きなバマーです。彼はまた,新しい家で遊ぶのをとても楽しみにしていて,家のデザインに注文をつけてきました。まずは,家中を自由に行き来できるように,全ての部屋に穴またはドアをつけてほしいとリクエスト。それから,古いリサイクル材を使った梁は登りやすいか? と聞いてきました。梁の上を散歩するのは,きっととても楽しいから,だそうです。 Somebody asked me the other day, "Who is Bomber?" and I realized that Bomber, our baby boy, hasn't gotten much love on the blog lately. Therefore, here is a picture of him taken this morning as he likes to look outside and talk with the birds. Bomber is looking forward to playing in the new house and has made many special requests for the design such as holes or doors to all the main rooms so he can go around the inside of the house freely. He has also asked that all the old recycled beams be easily accessible for him as he will want to stroll along the top of them from time to time.

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Rodan said...

Yes - this is an excellent plan. Bomber will also want a private cove up high, for those bad fur days.