Wednesday, July 15, 2009


.....and then there are days like today that make me wonder what was I thinking?!?

Today, I went to our baler dude to tell him when we will need the bales by, how many and also a couple other additional requests (extra string, unload on pallets and then cover with tarps). I anticipated some pushback with most of it coming with the size (36" or 91.5cm length) I was requesting, but not for him to clench his teeth and tell me August 5th might be tough and he might not have enough straw to make 700 full bales (we'll actually be making 650 full size bales and 100 half bales).

After smiling and trying not to go crazy on the guy, I discussed how he had stored away enough for us to have 800+ bales (he had pretty much guaranteed that we'd have access up to about 1,000 bales) and that we've been talking about the end of July for months now and August 5th is actually later than what we've been talking about. I told him that we've schedule a workshop and people are coming from as far away as America, Osaka, Niseko, Furano and Shiretoko.

Anyway....I actually left feeling that he'll get it done. But, for awhile, I was wondering......

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