Monday, July 27, 2009

わら Part II

The most challenging of the entire house build has been the actual making, storing and transporting of the straw bales. It could be easier, but we won't get into that right now (not on the internet). :) (smile)

We CAN tell you this. We have 500+ bales made at the present moment and they are being stored inside in a nice dry/safe place. We still have another 200 to make and then they will be transferred to the vacant property next to our build site before the workshop begins on August 7th. These bales have all the right dimensions and we believe they be very good walls for us.

What we need now is some help from Mother Nature. This summer in Hokkaido has been at least 3 times as wet as normal. We have been getting rain almost every other day and it just hasn't stopped (it's raining as we type this). Hopefully (please knock on wood, cross your fingers, throw some prayers towards the kamisama's, etc) we get some sunshine in the first couple weeks of August with emphasis on the week from around August 5th ~ 12th. If we get rain, we will adjust, but it will be......much more challenging than if we had good weather.

In winter, we always say, "Pray For Snow". Now, we are asking you to, "Pray for Sun" so we can put up our walls!!

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