Monday, July 13, 2009

Straw Bale 準備

First of all, to the right is another angle of our owl, ふくろう,that will live above the front entrance and welcome "happiness" into our home.

Below are some pictures of bamboo that we will order directly from Homac or Bestom in 5' (1.5 meters) lengths and then use as reinforcers for the straw bale walls. The bamboo are already cut nicely at the bottom as we'll need to drive them through 3~4 layers of straw bale during the workshops.

Here are two pictures of the nearly finished foundation. As you can see, we have set rebar around the circumference of the foundation. These rebar are spaced exactly 9" from the end and then every 18" after that so that we can have 2 rebar per 36" straw bale. The heigth of the rebar is 21 inches which is exactly 1 1/2 straw bales (each bale is 14" high).

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