Monday, August 31, 2009


もうそろそろ8月を閉めます。今まで一番大変な月ですけど、すごく楽しかったです。It's been an amazing month with many challenges and A LOT of hard work (for EVERYONE involved). As the month comes to a close, we have some needed and unneeded stress and tension. Needed for we have to prepare for the upcoming earth plaster workshops and a little stress helps get the job done. Unneeded for the house build is beginning to take its toll, especially while trying to juggle everything that is going on and needs to happen with a full time job (that helps pay for the house build). Needed are constant reminders to ourselves that it's just a house, it will get done and there is only so much we can really control. As we look back on everything that was accomplished in August, it truly is amazing!! Now, on the eve of September 1st, we look ahead to another busy month of turning a shell of a house into something that is livable. We look forward to every day of the adventure in September and the end of month report, as well. It's VERY exciting and we cannot thank enough all the people that have been involved in the project!!

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