Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A cool photo!

Maiko & Toby driving a bamboo stake into the wall for more structual integrity over the straw bale workshop a few weeks ago.
Ryan Libre, an ex-JET (well known teaching program here in Japan) turned professional photographer came to our straw bale workshop and took a few photo's. Above is just one of many. Check out his other photo's from the workshop at his Flickr page or his personal website


Norman Delaney said...

I took a look at Ryan's Flickr Page and Personal Website.
Great photos with interesting stories behind them. I especially liked his AWOL letter of resignation from the National Guard. President Eisenhower was right.
How do you manage to meet so many totally cool people, Toby?

Norman D.

b.m.t. said...

no idea, but i'm not complaining! ;)