Sunday, August 23, 2009

Custom Work

Maiko & Toby pent the weekend doing behind the scenes stuff, as well as looking ahead. We spent a lot of money at Bestom yesterday buying products for the earth plaster stages. We also talked to the local sand and clay company about making an order. We then spent a lot of time at the house going from wall to wall looking over each bale to check for wetness and/or possible problem bales. After spending a bunch of time researching different types of lighting on the internet, we printed out pictures of different lights and took them to the house to get a better image of what they will look like on the house. We spent a few hours inside the house and went from interior wall to interior wall while making some decisions with regards to where to put shelves, custom nicho's, custom shvelving and whatnot.

And, lastly, we spent a few hours sending out emails to people we know and asked for help with the "mud" stage. We still need quite a few people for the earth plaster workshop on September 5th & 6th, as well as the subsequent weekends. Do you know anybody who might be interested? Please send them our way!! The more the merrier and this is sure to be a very fun time. The straw bale workshop was very hard work. The earth plaster is also hard work, but a very fun and rewarding time. Stefan has been saying, "Just wait until the mud" for the last month as he is VERY excited to get to that stage. We are getting excited, too!!


Norman Delaney said...

It sounds like Stephan has taught you how to juggle, run and chew bubble gum, all at the same time!
I wish I could help you with the house build, but my feet are all swollen up and very painful.
Norman D.

b.m.t. said...

no worries, snowman. we understand. the videos you posted were great and we appreciate all your support via the blog comments. ;)