Saturday, August 29, 2009

Extra Straw

Today, we cleaned up the build site and hauled about 100 plastic bags of straw and about 25~30 rotten bales (that we couldn't use and then let sit out in the rain the last few weeks) to the below site where someone is going to mix it with some dirt/soil (see the pile next to the straw) and make some kind of special planting blend or something. Truth be told, we don't know exactly what he is going to do with it, but we were just glad that someone took it off our hands and isn't planning to just burn it. Normally, it would cost us money to get rid of stuff like this in Japan so the fact it only cost us the gas for about a 5 kilometer drive (x 7 loads in our van) was a great find. Kudos go to Shingai-san at the local town hall for introducing us to Nozawa-san. the end of the day today, we got some bad news. We thought we had someone who was going to take our extra straw bales (that are in GREAT condition) off our hands, but that fell through. Now we are in a pinch as today would've been the day for us to get it moved off site if it wasn't going to that guy. Hmmm....we'll need to think outside the box over the next couple days as we need it moved from its present location by this upcoming Wednesday so we have the space for the sand and clay to get dumped (10 tons of each). Anybody have any ideas? Anybody want it? It's great straw and can be used for building exterior walls or interior walls (many cafes in japan are using them as benches and whatnot). Hmmmm.... How many you say? Oh, this pile in front (see below picture) has about 80 bales and the two piles in back have about 20 each. We want to keep about 15. Therefore, we think we have between 100-120 bales to get rid of. Back in America, we'd be able to find someone to sell them to, but straw bale building isn't that popular here in Hokkaido yet!! ;) Maybe someday...

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