Thursday, August 27, 2009


Fukazawa-san is a top 10 log builder in Japan who Sakai-san, our main builder, brought to the project. He has been giving us 100% ever since the beginning, but his impact wasn't truly felt until he came up with an amazing idea about a week ago in the middle of our mad rush to get the walls ready for mud plastering.

As we were struggling with chainsaw problems day in and day out on this overly loose rice straw, Fukazawa-san tried a different tool, a grinder (see pictures), and it worked brilliantly.
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To prepare for the mud plaster, we need to have the walls fairly smooth (not completely - unless you want completely smooth/flat walls....which we don't). The top picture on the right is what the walls look like before smoothing them out (below right). We were preparing for the extra time it was going to take us when Fukazawa showed us how well the grinder worked on the walls. Now, the entire outside walls are finished and we have been able to move on to preparing the windows, beams and other areas that need tar paper and metal lathe (or a type of chicken wire which is what we are using).

Thank you Fukazawa-san for coming up with the timeliest of ideas!! I have joked with Takigami-san that Fukazawa-san is the new MVP, but that isn't true. Instead, I've decided to call Fukazawa-san "Mr. Timely" ( or "Mr. Clutch") instead.

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