Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Peeps!!

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(left) Jinnouchi-san, Noda-san, The Komagome's, Stefan, Kyle & Toby posing for a picture. Stefan called this group "The Hokkaido Straw Bale Dream Team".
(left) Chiba-san, the new carpenter we've hired to help us get ready for the plaster workshops showed up today and made a great first impression with his t-shirt. He then pointed to the straw and said, "This is good bush, too".

(left and below)Takigami-san, the MVP of the straw bale house build, is either working on setting up the electricity lines, fixing chainsaws that we break (because we don't really know what we are doing), making and remaking window brackets (because we keep changing our minds) and so on. The best part about Takigami-san is that he is always smiling and laughing!! Takigami-san is indeed the MVP of this house build!!

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