Friday, August 21, 2009

I LOVE 日本!!

Toby & Maiko went to Fukagawa City to celebrate Akifumi Watanabe's (Aka "Master") 57th birthday with him, as well as catch up with good friend, Akagawa-san (Aka "Red"). It was a good time and Toby and Master posed for the picture above before Maiko and Toby caught the train back to Asahikawa. After arriving in Asahikawa, M & T had 30 minutes to kill so they walked to the neaby 7-11 and got an ice cream and enjoyed the cool air and cool dessert. After going back to the station to catch the next train back to Tohma, Toby realized he forget a bag on the train from Fukagawa. We went to the main office and they had the bag there....with all it's belongings still in it. "I love Japan" was said by both after that and we remembered another two recent instances that were even more amazing. Once was at Hanakagura Onsen in Higashikagura Town and the other at Go Ryo no Yuu Onsen in Asahikawa. At both places, Toby put a 10,000 yen note (about US$100) into the vending machine to purchase a 10 ticket book of hot spring tickets. BOTH times he forgot to get his change from the machine after the total came to about 5,000 yen (US$50). AND......both times, the next person in line got the change, gave it to the person at the front desk and then the person at the front desk chased Toby down to give him his 5,000 yen in change. Yes...... we LOVE Japan!!!

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Norman Delaney said...

I Know EXACTLY what you mean.