Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kyle's Moisture Sensors

Kyle, cutting a bale above, came to our house build from Tokyo for two weeks where he installed moisture sensors in the NE corner of the house which is also the 1st floor toilet room.
Above is Kyle setting up the sensors to go into the bales (3 in the first row, 3 in the 4th row and 3 in the top/8th row)& Below are the data loggers that will be stored inside the toilet room.

Above and below are the boxes where the moisture sensor data loggers will live. We will check this on regular occasions and then send the data to Kyle for him to continue his research and studies with. It is a great opportunity for us to monitor how our bales and/or earth plasters hold up to the Hokkaido weather.

p.s. For information on Kyle and his research, check out his blog at:

p.p.s. Don't the walls in this corner of the house look GREAT!! Woo-hoo!!

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Norman Delaney said...

Hay, Hay, Hay, Toby!
Thanks for the link to Kyle's website.
Most interesting.
See ya!
Norman D.