Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last Christmas, our family in Buckley, Washington, sent Toby the above Tom Petty (& The Heartbreakers) t-shirt. Tom Petty is Toby's favorite musician and, consequently, this t-shirt has fallen into the drawer of favorites. It has more meaning now as the "stress" of building a house starts to grow a little bit and "I won't back down" (or better yet, "I wont break down") comes into play. Toby will keep his cool, keep his wits and stay focused. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. All of the stuff that needs to be done WILL get done and we will just laugh at the stress when we look back at it from the future. Life is good and it's all about the journey which isn't always smooth. As my brother always says, "It's alllllllll good!!"

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Norman Delaney said...

HAY Toby!
I played that song at one of my Acoustic Guitar LIVE gigs a few months ago.
I like Tom Petty too, but my FAV is Gordon Lightfoot for English Speaking Singer/Songwriters.
For Japanese Singer/Songwriters, it's Inoue Yosui 井上陽水.
Ever heard of him?
Norman D.