Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing Mud Weekend

(Above) Matt and Mika work on wall in the bedroom. (Below) Noda-san, a pro plasterer, stops by with Jinnouchi-san and shows us how its done. He finished this whole wall in about 45 minutes. Amazing!!
(Above) Kazuko works on a corner of the "ski room" while (below) Maiko works on the wall near the staircase (not yet installed).
(Above) Stephanie enjoys working across the top of the "ski room" while Matt gets hungry and decides to have a little snack. Good times!!

1 comment:

Norman Delaney said...

Excellent photos, Toby.

I think Matt has a new business idea.
Mud On a Stick.
Eat In or Take Out!

The new house/cafe is lookin' Gooooooood.

Amazing Project, and very well done.