Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9月19日~23日 土壁ワークショップ

Over the 5 day holiday, we will be mixing more earth plaster for our walls. Won't you come join us? 5連休の時、壁の土練りをしています。一緒にやりませんか?
It's very easy...and a lot of fun to apply earth plaster by hand. You can wear gloves or use your bare hands. However, please bring old clothes and shoes for you will get dirty! とても簡単ですし…土を手で塗りつけていくのはとても楽しいですよ。もちろん手袋をはめてもいいし、素手でもできます。でも、衣服はすごく汚れるので、古い服か汚れても構わない服装で来て下さい。
The official start time of the workshop was 12:00pm per the old blog post, but many of us will be starting from 8:30/9:00am so please feel free to come anytime between 8:30~12:00pm on Saturday. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will start at 9:00am. On Wednesday, the plan was to finish at noon, but many of us will continue to do earth plaster after lunch so feel free to stay as long as you like on Wednesday. Of course, you are welcome to come for the entire workshop, one day or even just a few hours.

Lastly, one of the most enjoyable times of each day is the potluck lunch. Please bring something to share with about 10~15 people (small helpings). We will have a barbeque (or two) available for you if you need to cook something on site.

住所は東川町南町4丁目4-11(グリーンヴィレッジ内)です。このリンクに行くとグリーンヴィレッジの位置がわかります。 私たちの土地は右上(北東)の角です。皆さんにお会いできるの楽しみにしています!!もし、場所がわからなかったり、何か質問がありましたら、トビーに電話してくださいね!! 090-1385-7069 (日本語でも英語でも可)  
The address of our house build is Higashikawa-cho, Minami-machi 4 chome, 4~1(Green Village). Here is a link to a map of "Green Village" and our plot of land is in the far right/top (NE) corner. We look forward to seeing you. If you get lost or have any questions, please call Toby at 090-1385-7069. Japanese or English is okay!!

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