Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is a picture of Bomber taken today, September 15, 2009. He's Maiko & Toby's baby....and the reason they can afford to build the house that they are building. If they had "real" children, they probably couldn't even dream about such a project. Instead, their new "baby" will hopefully be, for the most part, finished in November and they'll have a cat and an earth friendly home as their children. What will be a next? Well.....Maiko and Toby have been talking about either getting another cat or getting a dog or......both!?!? We'll hold off on those BIG decisions until after the house build is over. ;)

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Carry said...

Looking at Bomber's belly hanging there, you'd think HE was going to have a baby!

Norman Delaney said...

A fat cat sitting high on the totem pole.
My sister who lives near Seattle with her two cats, just loves looking at photos of bomber which I forward to her, whenever they appear in this blog.