Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Monday!

Today was another good day. After going to Yamada Lumber in downtown Asahikawa to discuss how to make the window sill/bench for the big 2nd floor window and talking about some other projects he could help us with (senmen sink, 2nd floor toilet sink, kitchen counter, etc), Toby stopped by a dentist office that has a pony/sheep/goat farm next to their office and offered them our extra straw bales for free. Lo and behold, they took us up on the offer and will come and pick them up tomorrow! Wow!! Woo-hoo!! Yeah!!

Toby, Stefan and Takigami-san then spent the rest of the day working on preparations for the interior plastering while airing out the exterior walls for another big plaster coat this weekend. It was a warm day so a lot of drying took place. However, the next couple days are going to be wet (AGAIN!!) so it's a big question mark on whether the walls will get dry enough for the fill coat to get applied this weekend. Arghh!! Regadless, we worked hard on getting the windows netted, carriage bolts through the walls (see exterior of what this looks like below) so we can hang heavy things on the straw bale walls (this needs to be set up PRE plastering) and so on. It was a busy....but good day!!

When a carriage bolt is sent through the bale, we need to secure it on the outside with some 1/2 inch plywood.....and then re-plaster the area (after applying asphalt paper and netting). Hopefully this area gets dry fast, too!!

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