Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Toby's Dad (Maiko's father-in-law and Bomber's grandad), Sinclair Albert Weymiller, is back in/near Seattle, Washington (USA) enjoying his 74th birthday today!! お誕生日おめでとう お父さん!! (Happy Birthday Dad) We miss you and wish we were closer so we could celebrate your day with you!! Instead, we'll get back to working on our house and your guest room for when you come visit!! above picture was taken outside the one and only Fenway Park two years ago (2007) when Toby, his older brother, Pete, and his Dad went on a baseball tour of Boston, New York and Cooperstown. Ted Williams (statue behind) is Dad's most beloved baseball player of all time.


Norman Delaney said...

Your dad leaves no doubt about which team he supports.
My favorite baseball player of all time is,.... (drum roll)....(cymbal crash)
He gets to the stadium 3 hours early before the start of each and every game for the sole purpose of stretching out and doing basic drills.
Then, he plays in the game.
That's why he can DO IT ALL.
Run, catch, throw, hit a crappy low and outside pitch and turn it into a base hit, or a double.
ICHIRO will be in the baseball hall of fame, some day!
Norman D.

b.m.t. said...

He's already in the hall of fame for his hit records (there was a huge display for him where they had his bat, batting gloves and cleats from when he broke George Sisler's record). And with his consececutive golden gloves, silver sluggers and other feats (MVP AND Rookie of The Year in 2001, All Star MVP last year, etc..), he is pretty much a shoe in to go into The Hall.....already. I just hope Pete Rose gets there before him. By the way, Pete was my favorite player growing up and Ichiro became my favorite player back in the late 90's here in Japan. I-CHI-RO, I-CHI-RO!!!! ;)

By the way, I'll have to share some Ichiro (& Mariner) stories from when I worked for The M's in 2001 sometime.

Norman Delaney said...

Thanks for the update on ICHIRO.
I'm looking forward to hearing those stories, in the near future.