Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mud - Day 2

Click on any image to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます (above) Toby posing with 3 neighbor girls who helped put plaster on the walls. (below) John & Charlie work on setting up a system to transport the earth plaster (aka "mud") from the mud tub (front and center) to the 2nd floor scaffolding.

(above and below) Friends, both new and old, work on adding mud plaster to our walls.
(below) The family mix! Maiko, Toby, Otosan and Okasan spent the entire day making mud mixes (50% sand, 50% clay, one part straw, one part water and one part special sauce/binding agent. We were a great team and we were able to, pretty much, stay at least one step of the people on the wall(s).


Norman Delaney said...

So that's how it's done!
The old fashioned way.
With everyone working so hard on the new house build, and me sitting here on my big butt, building a new eLearning website for English Language Study, I feel like a stick in the mud.
Sorry Charlie (Hamel).
Put some Tom Petty tunes on the boom box and rock on!
"Into the great wide open, under a sky of blue,...."

Kyle Holzhueter said...

thanks for the update. I wish I could be there. it's great to hear that everything is going well.