Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nicho Work

Some say Tomato (Tow-may-toe), some say tomato (tow-mah-toe). Some say Niche (knee-chay), some say Nicho (knee-choy). Regardless of how you say it, we are making them. Fukazawa-san, the master of the chainsaw, worked on our four nicho's today. Above are the two nicho openings in the side wall by the horigotatsu room (and round/marui window area)
Above (and below) is a picture of the special nicho that will go between the big windows and the door(s) to the big deck. This nicho has a traditionally rounded top.

Below Fukazawa-san is finishing up the BIG nicho/shoe closet that will be in the genkan/entrance area. We have a special piece of wood for this and are hoping to make something extra special for this room. Keep your fingers crossed that the images we have in our minds get turned into reality.

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