Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No More ワークショップ?!?!

Yesterday, Toby crunched the numbers, looked at the timeline, did the math, talked with Maiko and then made a decision. Today, he called the pro's and they are indeed available the dates he wants them. Therefore, the plan is now to have the pro's do both the fill coat AND final coat on the inside(before, the plan was for them to only do the final coat).

With that said, there will be no workshop this weekend (October 3~4). We will have the pro's come on October 10th ~ 12th and could use some help making mud for them if anybody wants to come up/over and still get dirty for a day or two. On October 25th~27th, the pro's will come again and do the final interior coat. Again, if anyone is free and would like to help with the making of mud, feel free to come on down/over/up. ;)

左官さん頼んだだからもうワークショップしないつもりです。でも、もし手伝いしたいだったら、10月10日(土)から12日(月)まで & 10月25日(日)から27日(火)に 土壁のMIXをたくさん作らないとだからぜひ参加してください。その日朝の8:00から17:00ぐらいまでいます。もしこれるだったら、emailで連絡してください。toby@weymiller.com よろしくおねがいします。

We will be mixing mud from 8:00am until 5:00pm on the above mentioned 3 day periods (the first one is a holiday, the second 3 day period is a sunday and then two normal work days). If you can come and help, please contact us by email at toby@weymiller.com Thank you!!

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