Thursday, September 24, 2009

おじいさん, Silver Week Mudding & Coming Full Circle

Click on any image to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます Maiko's grandfather, aunt and cousin visited the house build yesterday and we were very, very pleasantly surprised. Above and below are a few pictures we took with them.
Over the 5 day "Silver Week" we.... ....plastered the inside of the 2nd floor with an amazing group of wonderful people from all over Hokkaido and Aomori!!
....we hired some talented professional plasterer's to come and help Stefan fill the outside walls so that we'll be protected until next year when we do the actual finish. See before/after picture below. Before is below next to the window. After is below (and above) where a plasterer is applying a "hard trowel" to smooth the cracks together and bring the clay out for a better/stronger surface.
The pro's were so good that they finished with three hours to spare so we sent them inside the 1st floor and they did the 1st/scratch coat in their on about 1/4 of the walls (see below).
The weather was fantastic over the whole 5 day holiday with the best day coming on the last day (yesterday). The rice harvest has started and with that we have come full circle with our rice straw bales. We took the straw from last year's harvest (at this time) from the same fields as these two pictures were taken and stored them over the winter/spring. Now, as we finish up the mud plastering and the straw disappears from sight, the new harvest begins. What a beautiful natural cycle!!


Norman Delaney said...

Natue Knows Best

Norman Delaney said...

I spelled it wrong!!!
Nature Knows Best.
Norman knows not, how to spell.