Friday, October 2, 2009


Unfortunately, many farmers still burn their straw which is a waste as it is not only putting off unnecessary CO2 into our earth's atmosphere, but it can also be used for many things with the most popular being bedding for animals and fertilizer. Of course, another great use of straw is to use it for super highly insulated walls of a building. :) (smile)


Norman Delaney said...

We can smell the smoke all the way down here, in the center of Asahikawa.
I love this smell!
It says; Autumn.

Elizabeth said...

yeah, that's too bad. on the other hand, burning is probably good for the fields - it kills weeds naturally and allows for new growth.

b.m.t. said...

snowman: yes, like a cuban cigar, it is a nice smell. neither are very good for you, tho. ;)

e': true. there are upsides to burning. just having straw left on the fields is good, too. we are going to leave some on our property right before the first snow in hopes that it gives us some nice and ready soil for next spring.