Thursday, October 22, 2009

False Alarm & Red Flags

The bath didn't go in yesterday, but is expected before Saturday. Will keep you all posted.

Now, we are working on some potential moisture issues we might have around the windows. The mud on the walls goes flush up against the windows. Many straw bale walls have moisture failures around windows because of the very, very slight crack/line between the wood frame and the mud wall. We are looking into all the options at this point. It's easy to look in the past and wonder why we didn't put up flashing over the top of these windows before mud was applied. We didn't see that coming as we were so preoccupied with everything else that was happening with the house build. Now, we are looking at different types of caulking/waxing to apply over those cracks/lines and also put up some flashing over the bottom of the window frame (and bottom crack/line between window and mud). We are also looking at what we can do for next years final coat of mud to better secure the vertical lines/cracks between window and mud. As for the top of the window, we are looking at some strong caulk/wax and possibly another piece of flashing on the wood that allows for any potential mud to slide over (and then fall to the ground w/out running over the windows). We hope to to get these issues figured out over the next couple days so we can make the adjustments and then take the scaffolding down (as well as blue sheets/tarps).

And......we saw our first mouse in the house yesterday. As it's getting cold outside, this is/was expected. There isn't any real food value inside the straw bale walls for them to survive so they'll be coming inside to hunt for food. As soon as Bomber moves into the house, it'll be game over for those little gray dudes. If possible, we'll try to save them from becoming Bomber's toy. However, if they all (IF there is more than one) move as fast as the dude did last night, it'll be tough to catch them. Bomber, with his wildcat instincts, won't have a problem, tho.

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