Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finalizing The Walls

Wall Update:

The outside walls are VERY close to being finished. Once we add a little more moisture protective elements to the windows (metal flashing and caulk/wax around the edges), we will be ready to take down the blue sheets/tarps and then the scaffolding.

The inside walls will get a final coat of mud this weekend (and early next week) with some color added. When those walls dry, we'll add the sealant and those walls will be finished. After Maiko and Toby spent so much time doing the sealant last week, they have become very good at the process. The best thing about doing the sealant on the inside walls is that there is no big rush to do them and we can do them at our leisure when we have the time, energy and desire to do so.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom!! We miss you!!!

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