Sunday, October 11, 2009

Looking Good!!

After two coats of mud, the 2nd floor is looking very, very, VERY good!! Check out the below pictures taken today of the earth plaster that was applied yesterday. (above) Horigotatsu room with round window and custom nicho's (the rocks are from Maiko & Toby's honeymoon back in August, 2002 - Toby hauled the rock down from Whistler Peak)
(above) The kitchen area is looking very nice with the "kitchen system" in place, the walls plastered and the ceiling installed. (below) A look at what a beautifully rounded window looks like. Yummy!!
(above) A picture of the nicho by the big deck that has an arrowhead embedded into the mud. This was not only used by the Ainu thousands of years ago, but is the shape that Oputateshike (the mountain we can see very well from most rooms/decks in the house) resembled to the Ainu (hence the name which translates as "spear standing on end")

(above) A picture taken from the corner of the 2nd floor facing he middle of the room, toilet in far corner and kitchen on right side.

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Norman Delaney said...

Just like you said;
Looking Good!
Looking Veeeeeeeeery good.