Saturday, November 7, 2009

11月14日 PARTY 延期します。



Things are running behind so we are postponing the open house/birthday party that we were planning to have at the new house next Saturday, November 14th. We will still have an open house party when we are able, but unfortunately, next Saturday is just too darn early for it to happen (unless you like walking/dancing on wet concrete). Stay tuned for more information on the open house party. Meanwhile, we are still going to gather next Saturday, November 14th, in Asahikawa for drinks, good food (probably our favorite little izakaya), good company and, consequently, good times. If you would like to join us, PLEASE, by all means, do. Toby would like nothing better than to get together with friends, new and old, on his 40th birthday. Email Toby at for more information and he will send it to you.

We apologize if you made special arrangements to come up to the new house next Saturday. We really wanted to have the party there (and were still almost able to pull it off), but many circumstances over the last month got us too far behind. Oh well, it will just make the open house party that much sweeter when the whole thing is actually finished. Stay tuned!! Many gomen's & arigato's!!

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