Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Concrete 1st Floor

On Saturday, November 14th, the concrete was laid down on the first floor. Three coats in total were done and the plaster guys worked pretty much non stop from 9am until past 6pm to get it completed in one day. (above) Here is a picture of the design Maiko envisioned of the genkan. The blue sheet/tarp is the same size as the genkan so we laid out the rocks the way we wanted them to be put into the final coat of concrete. (below) Is a picture of the concrete system. The materials are mixed in the big truck, the big rocks are then sifted out before being pumped into the house where three guys plastered away at a very fast pace.
(above) Here the three plasterer's are working hard to get the first coat (the thickest of the three that they applied) applied nice and smooth. (below) is what the concrete looks like before and after it's applied.

(below) is what the floor looks like after the first coat was applied.

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