Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had a cold spell the last few days (see picture above that was taken of snow covered fields next to our property) and are racing to finish up the house this month.
(above)Here's a picture of what one of our windows looks like now that it is finished. We've added metal flashing to the top and bottom fo the window, as well as some wood trim to the side. We then put silicone caulking around the entire frame to prevent water from getting in through the crack that is between the frame and earth plaster. This is a very important step as we've been told that many moisture problems with straw bale structures is people not taking the necessary precautions around windows to keep moisture out.

Now, we are busy putting the floors in the house. Before doing so, we had the opportunity to get the fridge and sofa's lifted up to the 2nd floor. Above is a picture of them on the 2nd floor where they will be moved around while he wood flooring is put in this week.

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Gav said...

hey Toby & Maiko (and bomber)
Been following the house build with great interest for a while now - looks like you're doing a great job. Hope the snow eases a bit for you (was 40degrees c here yesterday, wish we could have swapped weather) & Happy 40th Toby!