Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Full Moon of Issues?

It sure looked like a full moon up there when Toby saw the moon for a brief couple seconds. And it sure felt like a full moon from the start of the day. So many issues that started as soon as Toby opened up his email box this morning. Then, the day got gradually more.....challenging. And, oh yeah, The Yankee$ won the "world" series today. A bad day for baseball as NY, after 8 years, was finally able to purcha$e their title again. At least The Hokkaido Ham Fighters still have a chance to knock off the Japan version of The Yankee$ in The Japan Series (tied 2~2 presently). Go Fighters!!
Below is a picture of the 2nd Fl. flooring going in. When Toby arrived there this evening, his first thought was that it doesn't look like the Cherry Oak that we ordered. Houston, we have a problem. Below is a picture Toby took of some flashing that peeled off one of the outside windows. Houston, make that two problems.
Below is the biggest issue of the day as there is not only dark/wet spots on the front wall, but the small section between the front door buzzer and the front door has weakened to the point of near failure. Houston, can you hear us??
All of the above is on top of the fact that Toby went to the knee doctor today and it looks like an arthroscopic knee surgery is probably going to need to happen in the near future. Toby's hoping it doesn't need to happen for a year or two and that he can "schedule" it during a non ski season. We'll see how that goes. Until then, we'll take some extra precaution to keep his knee healthy.

Now....bring on November 6th. November 5th is over. Thank goodness. Bye Bye 11/5.


b.m.t. said...

FYI: When we first wrote this blog post yesterday evening, Toby used the saying, "Dallas, we have a problem". Toby then woke up in the middle of the night realizing he got his Texas cities wrong with that saying. He then adjusted it to, "Houston, we have a problem." See this link for the origin and meaning of this phrase:

Norman Delaney said...

Apollo 13 and JFK.
I get 'em mixed up all the time.