Friday, December 11, 2009

Walking The Catwalk

A short video of Bomber's first trip to Square One video


Norman Delaney said...

My Sister is gonna love this video.
Thanks for putting Tom Petty's Square One on the BGM. I was able to download the guitar chords and lyrics to the song, but I wasn't able to get a really good sound track of it for free, until now.

Donna (Parsons) Neale said...

Fun video, Toby! My girls are in love with your cat -- and your house! :) Donna

JoanBailey said...

Hi Toby and Maiko,

Thanks for posting that great video. It reminded me of our cats when we moved them to our new house in Michigan. And I got a wee bit misty-eyed watching as it made me miss them, too.

We check the blog periodically to see what's happening with the house. We're so glad Ryan brought us along to help before our hike in the park this summer. It was one of the highlights of the trip.

I've also managed to misplace your card with your email, so I'm leaving a message for you all here. Hope your holidays are great, and we hope to catch up again with the three of you in the completed house!

Take care,
Joan Bailey

Anonymous said...

Oh Toby & Maiko - what a fantastic home you've built! It's very cool to see Bomber walking the beams, can't wait to show the girls!


b.m.t. said...

Thanks, Casey!! We look forward to you visiting someday!! Or having the girls do a homestay! ;)