Friday, March 19, 2010

Toma Elementary School PTA Interview

The PTA requested to do an interview of Toby about a month ago. Toby agreed and probably spilled more beans than he should have. Regardless, this is the result. It is the back page (pg 8) of the PTA handout that was made for the 6th graders graduation. Pages 1~7 were pictures of the 6th graders, their elementary school memories and whatnot. I'm guessing they'll keep these for the rest of their lives and so they will be forced to remember Toby, as well. Poor kids. :) Click on image to enlarge. クリックすると拡大できます


Norman Delaney said...

You can't eat Natto????
It's like a mainline injection of Mega B Vitamins! I can't start my day without it!!!
However, I do agree that MacDonalds is the worst garbage on the planet masquerading as "food". YUCK!
Your timing to get that job at the Mariner's Gift Shop was impeccable. People were flying in from Japan just to see ICHIRO play a game or two.
Learning how to speak Japanese has really paid off big time for you.
Can't wait to see what happens next.
Rock On Toby!

Rodan said...

For the illiterate gaijin, translation please!

b.m.t. said...

Aunt Ronna: It's, basically, Toby's bio' of where he went to school, when/where he has lived/worked in Japan, his opinions about a few things, a few things he likes/dislikes and then the all important stuff like how he met Maiko and how he proposed. Ha ha Seriously!! Anyway, you know all this stuff already, but Toby will translate it later for you. This is Bomber and my paws are tired from Google translating everything from Feline~English. Meow!

Norman: I'm a very healthy cat and won't touch that natto stuff, either! I'm sure its got good nutrients, but so does that soil in the garden. I won't eat that, either, but I wouldn't mind dropping some bombs in that soil instead of this cat litter stuff, tho. ;)

Norman Delaney said...

Oh Bomber!
Don't be so cruel to good old Natto!
Does Maiko eat it?
How about her parents?
Natto is miracle food.
Please take a moment to read this Wikipedia article about it.
Especially the nutrition part.
Do you like that smelly blue French cheese on crackers with a glass of good red wine?
I do!!!
They are both an aquired taste.
Please reconsider Mr. Natto!

b.m.t. said...

Meow means meow & no means no, Mr. Delaney! Get over it! There are other ways to get/keep your body healthy! Getting moving is one big one so....let's move on! ;)