Saturday, March 13, 2010

Water Leak Alarm Clock

Last night, we had 50kmh/30mph winds blow rain against our walls in the middle of the night. At 6:00am, we had water fall on Maiko's head. The 8 pictures below tell the story. The first three show the leak on the inside. The next four pictures show the outside walls (winds coming from SE this time) and a close up of the place of water entry (in our opinion). The last picture shows our drying system and, even though it's visibly dry on the inside already, we are going to keep it running all day to dry out the inside of the wall as much as possible.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to our final coat of plaster on the outside that will provide more protection against this wind driven rain. Is the straw damaged beyond repair here? It's a possibility. All we can do right now is dry it out as much as possible, try to do a temporary fix on that entry point and then check the straw once we have some consistent warm weather. When we say "check the straw", we'll have to break open the plaster from the outside to check the straw and then re-plaster the outside. We were planning to do a few tests in April with Noda-san anyway so we'll just make sure we do this spot first. If it's rotten, we'll take out all of the rotten straw and then replace it with good/clean/dry straw before re-plastering.

In short, Square One will be okay. This is just part of the adventure of building with natural materials...
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