Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Plan

It's snowing as this is being typed. Wow!! April 20th and it's snowing!! Amazing!!

In fact, thinking about the weather, it's probably good that we are pushing back the final lime plaster dates back to sometime in late May (after May 20th). Noda-san will be coming up sometime this week to do some final tests on the walls and determine how much needs to be done (see previous window netting post). Until then, we will probably start working on the garden and landscaping around the house (what we can with all the scaffolding and whatnot we have on the property).

One thing that we are thinking about currently is doing an earthbag storage shed. Toby has studied earthbag structure and even helped build a small earthbag bench at his 2007 "Sustainable Building" workshop in Colorado. The below picture is an earthbag dome project that some friends of ours, Jared & Satomi, are still finishing up in Northern Hokkaido (about 4~5 hours north of us). To see their blog about the process of building an earthbag dome in Hokkaido, please click on this link.

We are drawing up some plans for our storage shed and we want to tie it in with the neighbors carport so we are thinking of a more rectangular shaped structure. When we say "tie in", we are just looking at how to blend in with the neighbors instead of having a dome like structure that will really look....awkward...in our opinion. If our property was a stand alone house with no neighbors, we could probably do just about anything and not think twice about how it blends with the neighbors. Anyway, an earthbag structure, while nothing like what we did with straw bales last year, would still take a lot of time, energy, blood, sweat and tears. Consequently, if we do go ahead with the plan, we'll be hosting some more workshops. So stay tuned as we'll probably be making a final decision on this SOON!

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