Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Changes & Updates

Spring is (possibly?? fingers crossed while knocking on wood!!) here so we have some updates.Above: Toby is bicycling to work in Tohma now. It's about 20km each way and he claims it's a great way to start and end the day!!
Below: D.B. (Disco Ball) is back up in the van!! You have been missed, our friend!!

"The Mountain" update: Toby & Toby's dad are currently planning to climb Mt. Rainier at the end of July, 2011. Hopefully, Toby's dad can come visit Hokkaido next Golden Week (2011) to visit and climb some mountains here. It would be fun to see him and we'd get some great training in.

Toby's knee update: The current plan is to get surgery in August towards the end of "summer vacation". Toby will go visit the doctor in the next month or so and see if this makes sense with Tokuhiro-sensei.

More updates coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!! It's beautiful out there!!


Norman Delaney said...

A disco mirrored ball hanging above the dashboard of a moving vehicle?
Don't you get distracting light flashes in your field of vision while driving?
Is this legal?

b.m.t. said...

The legality of it is probably a gray (grey or even glay) area and we might be worried about that if we weren't in Japan where this is far less of an issue than TV's built into your dashboard.

Many peeps do the D.B. for the fun & funkiness, man. Woah.....far out, duuuuuude!!