Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tom Petty Fan Club in Japan?!?! Amazing!!

Toby was excited to start his 20km bicycle commute today from Square One to Tohma. However, he woke up at 5:00am to see it snowing outside again so he has to delay the start of his bicycle commute by another week. The good news is that he used the extra time this morning to check his e-mail and saw an announcement about an interview of Mike Campbell, lead guitar player for his favorite band, by a fan club in Japan!! What? There is a Tom Petty fan club in Japan?!?!? Stunned and amazed, he spent the next couple hours reading the interview, downloading, "Lost Without You" and sporting a big ol' ear-to-ear smile on his face about finding some more friends in Japan via this fan club. Maybe a fan club "listening party" at Square One will happen in the future?!? To view the Mike Campbell interview, click here. To view the, "Hear Comes a Heartbreaker", fan club home page, go here.

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