Monday, April 12, 2010

Wall Testing & 仕上げ 打ち合わせ

Over the weekend, we had many old faces at Square One to discuss how to move forward with the final coat on the outside walls. Kyle was up from Tokyo, Noda-san was up from Urakawa and Takigami-san was here from Fukagawa. We also had Akiyama-san come over for a little bit from Higashikagura. Yes, the winter "vacation" is over and it's time to get busy with some final touches on Square One. Below are some pictures taken from the weekend.
Above: Kyle is making a small hole in the wall so he can insert his sensor (see below) and measure the moisture percentage. We tested this interior wall because it is close to where we had the leak last month.
Above: A great result from the outside testing. In fact, all the moisture tests we did show that the walls are drying nicely and there wasn't any severe damage from those driving rains we had over the last month or so. This was GREAT news!!
Above & Below: Pictures of the process we'll be doing over the next month to get the final plaster on the walls. FYI, the final coat on the two most exposed walls (SE & SW) will get the "tosashikkui" plaster whereas the other two walls (NE & NW) will just get a "shikkui" (lime) plaster which you can see as the second to last stage (the whitest looking plaster in the pictures). Click on "shikkui" to see a short video of how this material is made and some samples of how/where it is used.
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