Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost back to "Square One"

Square One has many definitions.

We chose to name our house "Square One" because it will always be a place for us to go HOME and refresh!! You can see a more detailed explanation of how we came up with this name at The Popcorn Homestead blog where Toby was interviewed about many things, including the naming of our home.

Another meaning of "Square One" is to go back to the beginning and start over. Well, it almost felt like that yesterday as we tore away probably 60% of the exterior plaster from the walls so Noda-san can attach a more stable base coat to go under the special tosa lime finish that he'll be applying over the next two weeks. It was heartbreaking for Maiko & Toby to come home from work and see so much straw again on the outside. At the same time, we saw the positive of this and were able to confirm that the straw had held up to the first winter without any problems (no signs of mold or high moisture content). Now, the plan is to prepare the walls for plastering and we'll get busy with fixing the areas that had unstable plaster, add the weatherproofing sealant and then we'll get busy with the lime stage starting, hopefully, on June 1st. On that day, a few experts of tosa lime plaster will be coming up from Kyoto to assist Noda-san with this project. They are planning on staying until June 11th which is the date we hope to finish the walls! As we all know by now, things don't always go to plan, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for good weather and a good final finish on Square One so we can rest easy for many, many decades to come.

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Norman Delaney said...

I like your attitude Toby!
Come what may, you always get back on track.

This too shall pass into a brighter day.

Square One will be all squared away soon.

A place to enjoy the gift of life, which happens every day.

Rock On! My Friend! Rock On!